Ponds, Waterfalls and Water Gardens

“Water is the most expressive element in nature. It responds to every mood from tranquility to turbulence.”

— Walter J Phillips

A Waterfall is, without a doubt, the most beautiful and sought-after landscape water feature. Everyone responds to the soothing sounds of running water.

A waterfall can be soft and serene in the form of a babbling brook, or it can be more dramatic with a longer drop. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, the Pondless Waterfall is a great option for both small and large outdoor spaces.

Waterfalls are extremely low maintenance, energy efficient, and attract a variety of wildlife. Children love exploring nature in and around the waterfall. Whether you add a waterfall to your front or backyard, be sure to locate it near a window so the melodious sounds can be enjoyed from inside your home, too!

Garden Art Sunshine Coast are certified Aquascape contractors – experienced and licensed to create the most beautiful and functional pond ecosystems in the world. We design, build, maintain & repair Ponds, Water Features, Waterfalls, Fountains, Lakes and Dams, covering all aspects of domestic and commercial application. We love what we do!
A Pondless Waterfall is simply a re-circulating waterfall or stream without the presence of a pond. Pondless waterfalls work by pumping water contained in a large, in-ground reservoir up and through the Waterfall Spillway, allowing the water to flow back down into the reservoir. This simple recirculation system requires very little maintenance, is easy to install, and ideal for families with young children or pets that love to play in water.

Enjoy the beauty and soothing sounds of a pondless waterfall from any location in your yard. Tuck a small waterfall near the front entrance of your home to greet visitors, or delight in a longer waterfall in the backyard where you can incorporate interesting twists and turns.

You can easily add a pond to your waterfall later on, if you decide that you’d like to keep some fish and enjoy a larger variety of aquatic plants. See our examples of Koi fish ponds here.

The Garden Art team created this pondless waterfall in Mt Mee, Sunshine Coast to create natural ambience at a private residence.
Garden Art created natural rock waterfalls, ponds and dry creek beds at this acreage property in Mooloolah, Sunshine Coast, Australia. For a no obligation free quote, call Tom on 04383 46529