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Forest glen Water Feature, Sunshine coast

The client brief was to create a water feature to interact with the space and complement the split-level design of the home, to highlight the glass atrium at the entranceway of the home that connects the separate wings of the house.

This was a new home and a blank canvas for our team.  To complete this we used 25 tonnes of boulders, and the pond was built entirely using Aquascapes products.

The end result is a collection of waterfalls and streams flowing under the entranceway into a pond with a negative edge back into a stream before collecting into a pondless reservoir and recirculating.  

Large boulders have been used as stepping stones across the pond to link the main bedroom with the main entertaining area. We also installed colour-changing lights that come on automatically with a digital timer with photo cell remote control.

The water features are visible from every aspect of the home, creating a soothing ambience. 

The end result is that the pond is the heart and soul of the house, and its main talking point.

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