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“All of a sudden I had the revelation of how enchanting my pond was.
– Claude Monet


We create water gardens and ecosystem ponds that are self sustaining environments, require very little maintenance, and provide an opportunity to have koi fish as pets, without the regular upkeep of an indoor aquarium.

Pond plants give you the chance to broaden your gardening horizons and bird lovers will delight in the new variety of feathered friends that flock to a pond. You will experience the tranquility that only comes from being in the presence of a natural water feature.

Koi Ponds, also known as “water gardens” are one of the most rewarding & tranquil features you can add to a garden or patio. Imagine stepping outside your home into your very own backyard oasis, complete with a beautiful water garden or koi pond. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing sights and sounds of running water and beautiful koi fish. Feel the cares of the world slip away as you enjoy your personal backyard pond!

Patio Ponds & Outdoor Fountains

Create a beautifully planted water bowl with a variety of aquatic plants. Include underwater lighting and a couple of small fish like “rosy reds” for added interest and color.

A small bamboo fountain provides the soothing sounds of running water to enjoy with your mini water garden. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, you can place your Patio Pond almost anywhere – outdoors or in!

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